Archive of month: March 2016

Art Dubai: happiness and human rights

This year’s art fair featured a surprisingly pointed critique of labour conditions by: Rachel Spence. The Financial Times In a letter to his sister in 1970, the American poet George Oppen wrote: “The issue is happiness, there is no other issue … to think about politically.” Oppen, who was a communist, might have been surprised […]

Transience and Blessing

A new exhibition at Maraya Art Centre staged in partnership with Unlimited Arab Exploration explores through art the fleeting nature of life in the UAE, says Patrick Martin Lichty By: Patrick Martin Lichty. Harpers Bazaar Arabia. Al Haraka Baraka, or In Movement There is Blessing, refers to the phenomenon that the UAE, and the Trucial States before it, has been a […]

Sheikha Bodour attends Al Baraka Baraka

It’s wonderful to see Emirati artists voice their experiences through art: Sheikha Bodour Source: WAM (Emirates News Agency) The exhibition, themed “In Movement there is Blessing,” is being held in collaboration with the “UAE Unlimited Arab Exploration” initiative that seeks to nurture and support emerging local talent, and will run until April 30th. Curated by […]

New perspectives into UAE’s ‘cultural mix’

Artists at ‘Al Haraka Baraka: In Movement There is Blessing’ exhibition represent the current expression of contemporary art in the Emirates By: N.P. Krishna Kumar. Gulf News. “Can we be both nostalgic for the past and optimistic for the future?” asks curator Dr Alexandra MacGilp. Al Haraka Baraka: In Movement There is Blessing showcases works by […]

Mentoring young artists in UAE

UAE Unlimited Arab Exploration aims to stimulate the development of arts and culture in the country. By: N.P. Krishna . Gulf News. UAE Unlimited Arab Exploration is the art platform established in 2015 by Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan with a profound desire to give young Emirati and UAE-based emerging artists the […]

What does it take to create an art show in UAE?

Dr Alexandra MacGilp, curator, Maraya Art Centre, talks about the planning process behind Al Haraka Baraka: In Movement There is Blessing. By: N.P. Krishna Kumar. Gulf News. Dr Alexandra MacGilp, curator, Maraya Art Centre, spoke to Weekend Reviewon how Al Haraka Baraka: In Movement There is Blessing was put together, including the selection of artists. Excerpts: How […]

The Gifts of Multiculturism

Al Haraka Baraka: In Movement There is Blessing at Maraya Art Centre reveals how cultural migration in the UAE has shifted artistic production. By: Staff Writer. Canvas. Unlimited Arab Exploration (U.A.E.) is an initiative established by HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Bin Khalifa Al-Nahyan in 2015 to support a new generation of emerging Emirati and UAE-based […]