material noise

Maraya Art Centre, Al Qasba, Sharjah, 2nd March - 25th May 2019

UAE Unlimited was pleased to be continuing its partnership Maraya Art Centre with to create the 2019 edition of the annual exhibition for Emerging Artists that showcased the work of emerging UAE-based artists. The exhibition, curated by Maraya Art Centre curator Laura Metzler, was entitled Tashweesh and looked at everyday material culture. The 5th Edition of our Annual Exhibition took place from 2 March to 25 May 2019.
Plant the seeds before the soil returns - Ayesha Hadhir
Groupings 3 - Mona Ayaash
Keeping with the unique format of mentorship that UAE Unlimited has adopted since its inception in 2015, Dubai-based Emirati artist Nujoom Al-Ghanem has been selected as the guest artist and will work in an advisory and mentoring capacity to develop new artworks for the exhibition. Al-Ghanem has been an active member of the UAE art community since the early 1980s and has developed a practice that spans from visual arts to poetry and filmmaking.
Rafi is gone - Rawdah Al Ketbi
Spectrum 1 - Tor Seidel
In keeping with previous years, the March 2019 exhibition has a central theme — everyday materials and systems. The artists examined the white noise in our daily lives – those subtle yet ever present moments that would normally escape our everyday attention, but are an inherent part of it. The exhibition looked at a magnification of these moments in order to understand our perception of the everyday better and sensitize us for the ordinary as well as extraordinary moments in daily life. The artists included Ayesha Hadir, Mona Ayyash, Rawdha Al Ketbi, Tor Seidel, and Zara Mahmoud.
Momentary 3 - Zara Mahmoud
Around Us - Nujoom Al Ghanem