Shobha Pia Shamdsani 
Executive Director

Art Advisor to His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Shobha Pia Shamdsani is also the co-founder of UAE Unlimited – a satellite art platform that supports emerging Emirati and UAE-based artists.

Shamdsani has been the platform’s Executive Director since its inception in 2015, and has overseen the successful development and realization of five exhibitions under its auspices. She continues to work closely with His Highness Sheikh Zayed to put into effect the organization’s mission, and to widen its scope.

As an art advisor to His Highness, she carries complete managerial responsibility over all aspects of his private collection. In this capacity, she has collaborated with the Chairman of [add a name of an organization or a project here] on building an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art from the Middle East and South Asia. Shamdasani’s experience in the visual arts has also often translated into an engagement with large-scale interior design projects in Abu Dhabi, where she worked closely with artisan painters, craftsmen, and engineers at various stages of the construction process.

With experience in London, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, Shamdsani’s art and culture interests have been shaped by a very diverse set of influences. She remains connected to the global art community through a continual engagement with international exhibitions, biennials, and art fairs. 
"We at UAE Unlimited aim to not only provide support to emerging artists and curators for the duration of each cycle, but to forge lasting relationships and foster ongoing creative dialogues. Each year, we are excited by the new talent we discover, and also find joy in following and celebrating the continued achievements of our artists from past cycles."
Shobha Shamdsani