Partnership & Collaboration

NYUAD Art Gallery
Collaborations and strategic partnerships with institutions across the United Arab Emirates lie at the core of our mission. UAE Unlimited continuously strives to forge meaningful and lasting connections with cultural organizations, as well as individual art practitioners in the field, in order to promote a healthy exchange of ideas and constructive dialogue.
Alserkal Foundation
Partnerships established by UAE Unlimited aim at supporting the cultural ecosystem in the country and beyond, by connecting young artists with professional mentors, specialized advisors, and thought-leaders in the field, thereby creating new networks, as well as opportunities for further collaborations beyond the time-frame of each program’s cycle. We also strive to introduce and connect young artists and poets with curators, art institutions, and exhibition venues, in order to pave the way for future possibilities.
Warehouse 421
In 2015, we collaborated with the Dubai Community Theatre & Art Centre on our first of many exhibitions "Public Privacy". Since then we have partnered with institutions across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. Our first partnership was in 2016 with Maraya Art Centre Sharjah with "Al Haraka Baraka" and our second partnership was with Warehouse421 in 2017 with Bayn. The third partnership in 2018 was with Alserkal Foundation with our exhibition "Ishara" at, Concrete Dubai. We recently formed our fourth partnership with NYUAD Art Gallery in 2020 with "Intimaa".
Maraya Art Centre
In each of these collaborations, we have pulled together talent from diverse corners of the art & culture field. We have had established practicing artists mentor our younger participants, and university-level academics conduct training sessions on a variety of subjects. We also invited art writers, poets and established curators to contribute to the program through our Stellar Programme and advisory roles. It is our hope that these connections will continue to develop and yield positive results in the years to come.