Sofiane si Merabet

Sofiane Si Merabet (born in 1981, Nantes, France) is a French-Algerian artist and cultural entrepreneur living and working in Dubai.

A travel-obsessed polyglot, Sofiane has always been involved in projects reflecting on plural identities. From his digital platform The Confused Arab (, Sofiane explores the future of nostalgia in parallel to an on-going questioning around themes such as memories, identities and diaspora.

Sofiane continues to explore these themes through interactive installations in which he interrogates emblematic spaces and their roles in human interactions. The Confused Arab was part of Sikka Art Fair 2017 with “Hammam Tomorrow”, an installation where a beauty salon and a traditional hammam exist on a future planet provoking a questioning of what will you take with you into the future. This project also exhibited in P21 Gallery in London. In 2018, Sofiane
continued his creative work on multiple identities and art through "Hawa city" an installation interrogating the symbolism of airports in our lives. "Scanospection" was exhibited in Hafiz Gallery, Jeddah in April 2019. With "Bonjour from Al Watan" postcards series, Sofiane participated to Beirut Design week 2019. His latest installation, exhibited during Abu Dhabi Art 2019, is "Taxiphone", an homage to North African immigration in France and how borderless social places were created by the diaspora.