Shobha Pia Shamdsani 
Executive Director

Art Advisor to His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Shobha Pia Shamdsani is also the co-founder of UAE Unlimited – a satellite art platform that supports emerging Emirati and UAE-based artists by launching a year-long program that offers professional assistance in developing, producing, and promoting the development of new work that culminates with an exhibition and catalogue. In two significant developments for 2020, Shamdsani initiated a collaboration for to include newly commissioned poems by poets. In addition, Shamdsani launched the Stellar Programme – a series of specialist workshops designed to expose the artists to the business and media landscape of the art world.

Shamdsani has been the platform’s Executive Director since its inception in 2015 and in her time with the organization, she has been instrumental in its evolution. She has led the developed of the platform to foster strategic collaborations with art organisations and cultural practitioners across the country. The initiative thrives on creating opportunities for young talent, thereby contributing to the overall cultural landscape in the Emirates and affirms the platform’s commitment to the development of art and culture in the region.

UAE Unlimited has overseen the successful development and realization of five exhibitions under its auspices. Shamdsani continues to work closely with His Highness Sheikh Zayed to put into effect the organization’s mission, and to widen its scope. She works closely with the curator, & exercises authority in the selection of artists and theme, whilst at the same time, she has been a strong advocate providing these young artists with the national and international exposure and opportunities for wider representation at this stage of their careers.

As an art advisor to His Highness, she holds executive control of all aspects of his collection. In this capacity, she has spent the last decade developing and collaborating with His Highness Sheikh Zayed in the building of his extensive collection of modern and contemporary art from the Middle East and South Asia. She is a member of Alserkal Foundation's Programming Advisory Committee.

With these experiences in developing young artists as part of UAE Unlimited, with her advisory role to His Highness, and with her participation on the Middle Eastern Art acquisition committees of the Centre Pompidou and the British Museum, Shamdsani’s art and culture interests have been shaped by a very broad set of influences and remains connected to the art community and a continued engagement on the global stage. 
"Each edition of UAE Unlimited's exhibition is an opportunity to acknowledge extraordinary stories of young artists and creatives in the UAE, told through a collection of contemporary works which reflect their experiences. The exhibition expands to the catalogue as well, with commissioned poetry that responds to the themes of the exhibition by UAE-based poets. UAE Unlimited invites scholars and researchers to contribute to the overarching theme with academic essays."
– Shobha Pia Shamdsani