Hassan Alnajjar

Emirati poet Hassan Al Najjar, born in Khor Fakkan city, holds a Master's degree in Arabic Language and Literature, and he is currently pursuing his Ph. D in the same field.

Al Najjar has published three poetry collections, “Haneen Al Maraya” (2007), “Hamamat Al Rooh” (2011) and “Ala Wesadati masson Men Alqalaq” (2017). He has also participated in several poetic and cultural events.

He has always admired the Arabic language. He enjoyed literary expression class, because it provided him with challenges of language recitation and creative writing. Later, his passion for language turned towards poetry, which he believe is an important and highly revered representation of the language.

During high school years, Al Najjar had an Arabic language teacher whose poetry he admired. That teacher reviewed Hassan's poems and helped revise them, helping him to improve his skill in poetic structure and style.

For Al Najjar, the sea and mountain environment of Khor Fakkan is his main inspiration for the majority of poems in his first book. For him, writing poetry is the only way to express feelings that cannot be disclosed through other means. Poetry is, for him, the only way to alleviate his sufferings and give him strength to carry on.