Ali Almaazmi

Emirati poet Ali Al Mazmy, born in Dubai, holds a BA in mechanical engineering from the Higher Colleges of Technology in Sharjah. He has published poetry in several cultural supplements and papers in local newspapers, and he is currently working on a collection of poems for publication.

Al Mazmy chose prose poetry, and he leveraged narration and structuring techniques that are based on internal rhythms through the choice of vocabulary and sentences. He is keen to diversify his poetic style, touching on questions of an existential and mystical nature. Al Mazmy believes that prose poems nowadays provide poets with an open space to move freely, making poems more of a poetic revelation for the poet to explore himself and the world.

Poet's previous painful life experiences are illustrated by his poems; this is evident in the references allowing the reader to feel the pain of early childhood loss, and cases of extreme alienation. These themes constitute an essential feature of his poetry. Al Mazmy's poems also contain many unexpected emotional expressions, which places his poetry in a middle ground between contemporary poetry and poetic literature related to the heritage of Arab poets of the sixties.

Ali Al Mazmy describes his poetic experience as an attempt to test different expressive tools and shake off the influence of classic poetry that attracted him during his early poetry writing attempts.