Majd Alloush

Majd Alloush (b.1996) is a Syrian artist based in Dubai. He graduated from University of Sharjah in 2018 majoring in Fine Arts, working with print-making, moving image, sculpture, photography and installation to radically re-think his outlook on various subjects of his concern. His style of documentation through art complements his vision towards the subjects he adopts: politics, self-exploration and psychology are some of the topics that drive his art practice. By taking over more areas of troubled subjects, Alloush aims to continue exploring the policies of the mind through his art. The human psyche against nature, politics against conscience, time against space: these are some of the contradictions that Alloush sees as central to human existence that deserve to be encompassed as social theories and documented through art. By placing his viewer on a perplexing track, Alloush intends to strategically create work in which his vision begins throughout the piece, and ends in a similar manner: an ironic narrative in correspondence to the real world.